About Paddy Fievet and Modern Mysticism

Like most children, when I was very young I embraced my natural tendency to be amazed at the world around me. Life, Love, and laughter sprang readily from the trees, the flowers, and the small animals scampering through the forest around me. Some of my best memories are in the Okefenokee Swamp with my father, floating through the lily pads floating on the dark waters. The Cypress knees held firm, their strength everlasting. The birds of prey, the alligators, and even an occasional mallard all belonged to this world.

However, over the years the mystical innocence of youth gave way to the demands of society, educational directives, and a myriad of life experiences both challenging and optimal. I not only forgot the Divine Love I found in nature as a child, I actually allowed myself to think I abhorred it. As I detail in my book When Life Cried Out, it took a life crisis of enormous proportions to make me realize what I desperately sought was within me the entire time. The discovery of my true essence therefore was not one of creating, but instead was one of remembering. In other words, once I began to eliminate my own profound issues, the loving essence I now know is God flooded my soul. I awakened to the loving spirit that I had been created to be.

Awakening isn’t an easy process though, as most modern mystics will tell you. Often it involves navigating through family challenges, for as you change others often get threatened because your growth inadvertently challenges the family dynamics. In addition, the things that I thought I held dear really weren’t so important after all. What I thought I needed sometimes turned out to be what my ego needed, but not my Spirit. My Spirit only needed to remember its own loving self. Awakening is about this process, about the wisdom of remembering true essence.

In my journey of discovering who I wasn’t and then embracing who I am, I began studying metaphysics. As a Myers-Briggs INFJ type, looking beyond the obvious into the deeper meaning of life seemed quite natural. Eventually, I got a PhD in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. It was a great program for me at the time.  Finally, I understood how I optimally functioned in this world: I’m a Metaphysical Teacher who understands life best through the eyes of a Modern Mystic.

I took this newfound metaphysical wisdom with me as I traveled the world. As I explain in many interviews, I did not ever decide where to go. Instead, the destinations were shown to me intuitively. Since I am a psychic empath who can not only discern the energies of location, but also can discern the consciousness of the people of the area, I learned to embrace what I was feeling in each location. For instance, inside the Great Pyramid, I discovered Spiritual Empowerment for the first time. In Malta, a place of historical maternalistic culture, I discovered feminine empowerment as it contrasts to feminine anger resulting from abuse. I traveled the world, actually, and each place taught me through my empathic abilities another level of specific empowerment I could incorporate.

As the old adage states, life is indeed a journey. I invite you to browse this website, to contact me, or to just feel that kindred spirit of modern mystics in your own life. We each may be separate people, but truly, we are in this journey together. Feel free to take my wisdom, incorporate it as your own, and love your life. What is life, after all, but a perfect form of Divine Love?